Makayla Toste is proud and passionate about her family’s dairy heritage.

Following college graduation, Makayla was selected as an international intern for the California Milk Advisory Board. This position offered an opportunity to learn about marketing dairy in the international marketplace. California provides more than 33% of all U.S. dairy exports to foreign markets.  

Makayla Toste and Bob Carroll, vice president of the California Milk Advisory Board. Photo by West Side ConnectMakayla Toste and Bob Carroll, vice president of the California Milk Advisory Board. Photo by West Side Connect

Makayla spent 6 weeks in Cuernavaca Mexico working with the Imalinx marketing team finding ways to increase dairy consumption in Mexico.  Currently, Mexico imports primarily cheese and powdered milk from the U.S. The fluid milk in Mexico is an ultra-high temperature pasteurized product which provides an extended shelf life and does not require refrigeration. Makayla worked with a large retailer in Mexico hosting seminars and taste testing on cheese and ice cream at the store level. These demonstrations increased sales substantially.  She also worked on preparing cost analysis on fluid milk compared to extended shelf life milk.  Besides promoting the California dairy industry, Makayla enjoyed living in Mexico which broadened her cultural awareness, enabled her to sample different foods as well as made new friends.

Makayla in Cuernavaca Mexico.  Photo by Makayla TosteMakayla in Cuernavaca Mexico. Photo by Makayla Toste

While her brother John Jr. is being groomed to take over their family dairy operations, Makayla wants to continue her work in agriculture on a broader scope. She is currently working as a Program Technician for the Merced Farm Service Agency (FSA) which is under the USDA.  The FSA assists farmers and dairymen in a time of need. Makayla loves working with farmers and producers and her job allows her to continue to build and maintain relationships with the important people who bring us our food supply.

 Agriculture is not a job for Makayla it is an important part of her life. The dairy industry is part of her heritage and runs deep in her blood. She enjoyed working with marketing and promoting California dairy products. She wants to continue to make a difference in this industry she is so passionate about and bridge the gap between dairy producers and consumers.