What is the Growers Table About?

Stories of People. These are stories of people who work tirelessly, and often unrecognized, for the important work they do to bring food from the farm to our tables. We can learn a lot from the individuals and families who have built up agriculture. By sharing their stories, we will pass down their legacy to the next generation.

Cultures – One of the best ways to gain knowledge of people and their culture is through food. Regardless of your race, ethnicity, skin color, gender or religious background we all must eat. Coming together and sharing a meal is one of the most common occurrences uniting people throughout the world.

My Travels – I am sharing stories of some interesting places I have traveled to. I am always up for a good adventure whether it is a day trip or flying across the world. I love to explore unique places, meeting new people and eating different foods. Traveling allows me to see the world from a different perspective.

Favorite Photographs – There is no better way to capture and save a memory than through a photograph. Photographs become part of our story and our legacy for future generations.

Cooking with Christine-I am a foodie and a self-proclaimed gourmet cook. Cooking to me is therapeutic because it gives me the opportunity to disconnect from my daily stress. It is also gratifying when I can share a meal I have made with my family and friends.

The best memories are made gathered around a table.” ~Unknown.

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