Natasha Kalas is going to make hydroponic gardening easy and automated.

What started as a side project evolved into EvergreenCle which has become her full-time professional focus.  She and the team at EvergreenCle are working to develop both home and commercial large scale indoor growing systems. 

EvergreenCle is going to provide home gardeners around the world the opportunity to grow clean produce 365 days of the year. The grow kit will come with a complete setup which will include seeds, lights, and sensors for your own hydroponic garden. Depending on the growing season, customers will eventually be able to purchase different plants, or they can choose to stay with what they already have.  

EvergreenCle is currently designing, developing, and testing their plant studies along with the help of a horticulturalist. They are building plant profiles which will direct the growing system how to grow a specific plant the user selects from their system. 

Photo by Natasha KalasPhoto by Natasha Kalas

They are building a secure infrastructure for the IOT system. An IOT system means “internet of things”.  This consists of sensors in which data is transmitted through a cloud-based platform. In this case,  a customer would purchase the complete growing system, register their device on the EvergreenCle website, sync their growing system with their profile, select a plant they wish to grow and then the system takes it from there. The growing system has a tiny computer that will interact with their cloud-based plant profile to direct the growing system throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

One of the disadvantages of hydroponic gardening is that it typically requires constant monitoring. EvergreenCle’s automated system will enable people to manage and maintain their gardens through their smart phone. They currently have a wait list for people who are interested in the beta testing for their first design.

Hydroponics makes an indoor garden possible and the best part is that it is GMO and pesticide free. There is nothing tastier than home grown produce. EvergreenCle is hoping that their technology can help shorten the supply chain, provide access to local foods was well as create economic development for communities that are struggling.  Natasha says “My hope is that we enhance the growing experience, extend our growing season and get more people excited about food, technology and healthy eating” 

Husband John & daughter Claire, Natasha &  daughter Eve.   Photo by Natasha KalasHusband John & daughter Claire, Natasha & daughter Eve. Photo by Natasha Kalas

For more information on EvergreenCle contact Natasha at [email protected]

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